United Record Pressing, Est. 1949
Nashville, TN / 2013
Motown Suite lounge. Same exact furniture since 1962
Richard, guider of tours.
Raw, virgin vinyl.
Jonathan, manual press operator. He personally makes all the Third Man 7" and 12" records.
Labels and hot vinyl puck, seconds before pressing.
The last manual press, in use since the 1960's.
Automatic presses.
7" release from Jack White's label Third Man Records
Prep room, home to some of the 7" stampers.
The White Stripes + The Dead Weather
Rubbish. Labels get punched out and vinyl is recycled.
Inspection station where every solitary record gets some love before insertion to sleeves and jackets.
Completed records ready for shrinkwrapping and stickers.
Oscar, listener to every single test pressing before URP sends them away for customer approval. Once approved, production commences.
Elvis 45's. Each of these pressed and made at URP.
Motown Suite kitchen, fully operational.