Hello. I'm Stephen Jerkins - nice to meet you.

I'm a full-time photographer based in Nashville, TN and I love what I do. I'm married to the talented and lovely Amanda Jerkins.

I have a tremendous appreciation for the history of the photographic art form and the place that an image can have in one's family story (here is some proof). I particularly love photographing weddings and families, and when it comes to each, I take my love of historical record and visual beauty and I approach each subject as a photojournalist creating art. I'm less concerned about the gear I use and post-production, and more interested in mood, composition and the creation of something timeless.

I am also a frequent contributor of stills for news pieces on WPLN.org and NPR.org. and play in a rock n' roll band that you've never heard of called The Nobility, with whom I've spent a number of years touring, recording albums and making cameos in children's books for 9-year-old girls. Fear not - you don't have to like our music for us to get along!

For pricing and other info, please reach out - I'd love a chance to work with you.


(Wet plate collodion portrait of The Jerkins shot by Giles Clement)