iPhone / NYC

For fun, here are a few iPhone selections from the trip. The exciting news is that I started two long-term projects: 1. photos of NYC garbage cans and 2. photos of tourists taking photos of tourists. Stay tuned over the course of the next 10 years for a more thorough collection.




While in the city, I had dinner with an old friend who will be moving away from NYC soon and she lamented not having much photographic documentation of her and her daughter out and about, so I did a little mini-session via iPhone, which lasted however long it took to walk from the restaurant to their subway stop. I’m not saying it was necessarily spectacular work, but it was a fun assignment.

Wayne Reed Christian Child Care Center / Youth Encouragement Services

I was honored to be asked to do some photos of the work going on at the Wayne Reed Christian Childcare Center and Y.E.S. for their respective websites and fundraising materials. I have volunteered with the WRCCC for for a number of years and had some experiences with YES as well – both are worthy organizations, so please keep them in mind when you consider causes to financially support.

Whoa, Wait.

Allow me the opportunity to brag on the missus for a moment…

As some of you may know, my wife and her friend Bethany Halford started an Instagram account with the mission of sharing interesting finds (mostly stuff girls like) from Walmart, of all places. Nearly 93,000 followers later, they have turned Instagram success into an opportunity to create and sell their own clothing line exclusive to Walmart.com, and said collection just launched this week! I’ve watched enough Shark Tank to know this is no small feat.

I know exactly nothing about women’s fashion, so I will default to Amanda and Bethany’s description of their creation: “…a cute, affordable, fashion-forward clothing line for women with Anthropologie tastes and, well, Walmart budgets”

And so I present the Whoa, Wait. spring collection (just repeating words and phrases I hear around the house). I am indeed proud of all of Amanda’s hard work.

Buy clothes: Whoa. Wait apparel
See Instagram: @whoawaitwalmart (as in “Whoa, wait. You found that at Walmart”)
Visit Website: www.whoawait.com

(attire designed and furnished by hers truly)

Baby Sadie

*hair bow, compliments of my sister-in-law Jamie Graul Jerkins / The Dainty Bird. Sister-in-law, compliments of Michael Jerkins. Child, compliments of wife Amanda Davis Jerkins. Amanda Jerkins’ attire, compliments of brother Whoa, Wait apparel, hers and Bethany Halford‘s clothing line, which launches this Wednesday on Walmart.com. More information about this coming very soon!

The Nobility Scrapbook

Thank you for humoring me as I scrapbook The Nobility’s 2016 in review. We released an album, played some shows and did a few other cool things, but you will see a noticeable absence of live shots, because we’re not very good at taking photos of ourselves while we play. Most photos taken with an iPhone.

Grimey’s Records in-store album release show / February 2016

A time-honored Nobility Album Release Day tradition:

Fayetteville, AR / April 2016:

We had a commercial spot with Meijer Stores featuring The Nobility and a lonely wiener:

White Water Tavern / Little Rock, AR / April 2016:

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

We were beyond honored to be featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast, where Robin Hilton had some nice things to say about our song “Wonderful Night” as well as the rest of the record.

Also, Ponch himself emoji-reviewed our music:

Jackson, TN / April 2016

Hi-Tone Cafe / Memphis, TN / June 2016

Test-pressing for The Nobility vinyl 7″ (official release comings soon)

Syndicate Lounge / Birmingham, AL / July 2016:

This was happening in the back room while we played our show:

Foobar / Nashville, TN / August 2016

Star Bar / Atlanta, GA / August 2016:

Personally, I never trust a rock club whose bathroom doesn’t look like this:


Daytrotter Session / Davenport, IA / August 2016:


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