iPhone / NYC

For fun, here are a few iPhone selections from the trip. The exciting news is that I started two long-term projects: 1. photos of NYC garbage cans and 2. photos of tourists taking photos of tourists. Stay tuned over the course of the next 10 years for a more thorough collection.




While in the city, I had dinner with an old friend who will be moving away from NYC soon and she lamented not having much photographic documentation of her and her daughter out and about, so I did a little mini-session via iPhone, which lasted however long it took to walk from the restaurant to their subway stop. I’m not saying it was necessarily spectacular work, but it was a fun assignment.

The Nobility Scrapbook

Thank you for humoring me as I scrapbook The Nobility’s 2016 in review. We released an album, played some shows and did a few other cool things, but you will see a noticeable absence of live shots, because we’re not very good at taking photos of ourselves while we play. Most photos taken with an iPhone.

Grimey’s Records in-store album release show / February 2016

A time-honored Nobility Album Release Day tradition:

Fayetteville, AR / April 2016:

We had a commercial spot with Meijer Stores featuring The Nobility and a lonely wiener:

White Water Tavern / Little Rock, AR / April 2016:

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

We were beyond honored to be featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast, where Robin Hilton had some nice things to say about our song “Wonderful Night” as well as the rest of the record.

Also, Ponch himself emoji-reviewed our music:

Jackson, TN / April 2016

Hi-Tone Cafe / Memphis, TN / June 2016

Test-pressing for The Nobility vinyl 7″ (official release comings soon)

Syndicate Lounge / Birmingham, AL / July 2016:

This was happening in the back room while we played our show:

Foobar / Nashville, TN / August 2016

Star Bar / Atlanta, GA / August 2016:

Personally, I never trust a rock club whose bathroom doesn’t look like this:


Daytrotter Session / Davenport, IA / August 2016:


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Hey Chuck… Chuck… it’s your cousin, Marvin…

Ever since Back to the Future II came out in 1989 I had wondered what I’d be doing on October 21st, 2015, the day that Marty and Jennifer arrive in the ‘future’. Turned out, I did exactly what I should have been doing – playing an Enchantment Under the Sea-themed rock show. Earth Angel, Johnny B. Goode and The Power of Love never felt so right.

Got any video from the evening? Do share.

Below: Sean in ‘the outfit Marty falls asleep in’.


The Nobility + The Secret Sisters

My band The Nobility spent last Tuesday in the studio recording a new tune with the ridiculously talented Secret Sisters on lead vocals. Thanks to them, we’ve never sounded better and quite possibly never will.

I/we can’t wait to share the finished product with willing ears. For now though, one can hear a sample of their vocal prowess over on our Facebook page.

Thanks, Laura and Lydia!







All photos copyright me


Recording With The Nobility / Round One


We had a lovely time with our pals Erik and Mark at Reel Recording last week, laying down the basic skeletal system of 9 songs for the new album. We’re seriously excited about round two next month and filling in the blood and guts with vocals, handclaps, tubas and whatnot. In the meantime, follow The Nobility on Instagram (@thenobility) for more sights and eventually… sounds.

Some behind the scenes from last week:

















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Instagrams That Never Were

I was freeing up some space on my iPhone the other day and in doing so, re-discovered a cache of photos I took that, for whatever reason, never made it to Instagram. I give them new life here in a piece I like to call “Collage of Recent Instagrams and Instagrams-That-Never-Were”

Instagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-1 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-2 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-3 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-4 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-5 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-6 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-7 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-8 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-9 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-10 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-11 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-12 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-13 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-14 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-15

The English Countryside

Amanda and I were in the West Midlands of England for a couple of weeks this summer, thanks to a wedding that we were asked to photograph and flower (link to wedding gallery here). Miraculously, Amanda managed to birth a child and acquire all the proper documentation to take him overseas with us, all within 60 days of our departing flight. That was not easy.

If you’re interested, here is a gallery (link) of some of our travels, starting at our cottage on a sheep farm in Shropshire and ending with straight up tourism for a few days in London.

…and just in case you missed it the first time, here are some additional photos I’m rather proud of.