Family of Four

With child number three on the way, it was imperative that we squeeze in one last family portrait as a family of four. We wanted a sequel to our final portrait as a family of three, so we visited local tintypist Giles Clement who created what may in fact be my favorite photo ever taken of our family.

The Jerkins by Giles Clement

Hollis is One

Once a year, I pretend to be a filmmaker and cobble together a pop song-lengthed video of the past year in my child’s life, bookended by birthdays. So here’s a brief recap of year number one for child number two:

Also – and perhaps most importanty of all – this beautiful song is the key to this whole thing, so I must tell you it’s by Chris Staples and you can buy it here.

Instagrams That Never Were

I was freeing up some space on my iPhone the other day and in doing so, re-discovered a cache of photos I took that, for whatever reason, never made it to Instagram. I give them new life here in a piece I like to call “Collage of Recent Instagrams and Instagrams-That-Never-Were”

Instagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-1 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-2 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-3 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-4 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-5 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-6 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-7 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-8 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-9 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-10 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-11 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-12 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-13 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-14 nstagrams-copyright-Stephen-Jerkins-15