Jimmy Doyle Country / LITTLE ROCK, AR

Between the college years and my regular visits to see Little Rock family-in-law, I’ve logged enough Natural State hours to know that Arkansas is full of undiscovered gems. There’s a blog keeping track of them, actually, but I can’t utter its name as the site hasn’t yet launched. But while in Little Rock a couple of weeks ago, I joined one of (top secret site)’s creators on a web-content-gathering field trip to Jimmy Doyle Country Club, an Urban Cowboy-esque honky tonk next to a truck stop off I-40, along the outskirts of Little Rock. It was time well spent.

Best I can tell, Jimmy Doyle was a songwriter and fiddle player who had a touch of country music success in the early 1970’s. He opened the club around 1978 and one gets the impression that the place has seen better days, yet it still has all its 1980’s charm intact. We happened to be there on Friday’s Karaoke Night, but had we been there on a Saturday, we would have caught The Arkansas River Bottom Band, the house act who – according to the hospitable club operators – packs the dance floor. Noted. Better believe I’ll be back to see it with my own eyes.

All in all, this was a great night and maybe someday I’ll post video footage of Isaac’s and my karaoke duet of “Islands In the Stream”.


The Man himself, Mr. Jimmy Doyle:











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