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My Jerkins family roots are in Tampa, Florida and yet, despite my love of all things genealogical, I have never visited the city (my Tamponian grandad has lived in Nashville for nearly 70 years). So my wife and I recently took a trip down to visit my 91 year-old great-uncle who gave us a personal tour of all things Jerkins. As always, I packed the scanner and several hospitable, long-lost relatives had boxes of photographic gems waiting for me.

Very little since the 1930’s…

109 E. Jean Street, built by my great-grandfather in 1923. Birthplace of my grandfather and the current home of my great-aunt Velma.

The Jerkins, about 1930. Iris, Ray (my grandfather), Kenneth and Forrest in the front driveway of their Jean Street home.

I’m a sucker for recreating old photos, so here are a few attempts. The Jean Street driveway, 1930 and 2011.

Seminole Heights church of Christ circa 1950, the old family church house. My great-grandfather was an elder and song leader and my grandfather who became a preacher cut his preaching-teeth in this place.

Seminole Heights church, 1950 & 2011. The building is apparently no longer in use.

Wilson and Ethel Jerkins’ 50th wedding anniversary, December 1965. Dad Jerkins on back row, far right.

Jean Street living room, 1965 & 2011.

Wilson Jerkins/Jean Street, 1968 & 2011.

Ray Jerkins, my grandad.

He went on to get his masters at Vanderbilt, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Found this post card from my great-grandfather Wilson to his brother Rollie. July 29, 1912 from Trenton, Florida: “Hello Rollie – Please send me 2 rolls of #3 Kodak films also send Ida 2 rolls of #2 Brownie films. Send mine in c/o H.B.B. Wilson.”

Still searching for photos from those rolls.

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  2. I love your photos. I am born and raised in Tampa, and love seeing old photos of the places I’ve always Seen. If you have any other old photos id love to see them or send me links. My father moved from dayton oh. To south Tampa in 63, he was born in 60. So my roots have been here along time. My father actually lives a few blocks from 109 jean. He’s at 5908 n ithmar off of idlewild near the river. And I went to school at Seminole heights elementary.

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